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Q: What is NYC Flooring's service guarantee?
A: NYC Flooring guarantees its work for two years.

Q: What is hardwood flooring?
A: Hardwood flooring can come from ash, bamboo, beech, birch, cherry, elm, maple, oak, poplar and teak trees. It can come unfinished or pre-finished.

Q: What is the grade of wood, and why is it important?
A: The grade refers to the level of quality associated with a type of wood. Wood is assessed for the number and size of defects, and assigned a grade accordingly. The higher the grade, the fewer defects it has.

Q: Why do you test for moisture?
A: Hardwoods contract and expand when the temperature changes, and are susceptible to moisture levels in the sub-floor. NYC Flooring tests the moisture levels to make sure your floors will lay properly.

Q: What is the difference between parquet and plank flooring?
A: These are styles of wood. Parquet is typically designed in a geometric pattern, while plank flooring are long strips of varying width that use a tongue-in-groove installation.

Q: How long will it take NYC Flooring to refinish my existing floors?
A: We do our best to provide you with an accurate timeframe for completing your flooring project. Please keep in mind that refinishing floors is a multi-step process that necessitates drying time for stains, glues, sealants, finishes, and polishes. As well, sometimes factors like poor weather conditions, availability of materials, and changes in the order can delay a project. NYC Flooring will keep you abreast of any changes from the original project estimate as soon as they become evident.

Q: What products does NYC Flooring use?
A: NYC Flooring uses wood flooring from companies like ____. We have selected these companies because of their consistent adherence to quality, and our own training and familiarity with using them.

Q: How are hardwood floors environmentally friendly?
A: By refinishing your existing wood floors, you are revitalizing a sustainable product. Hardwood floors are one of the only features of your business that can be renovated again and again. NYC Flooring can install “eco-friendly” flooring like bamboo, or wood that has been harvested from Forest Stewardship Council woods. Other options include using an underlayment that is made up of post-industrial recycled content, applying a non-toxic flooring adhesive, and using pre-finished wood that has been treated with a “green” varnish.

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