Staining and Polishing Wood Floors

nyc wood polishOften clients would like their floors stained to a uniform color. NYC Flooring can match your existing wood color or just about any other shade in the market today. We pride ourselves in applying stain by hand, with an eye to detail.

How will NYC Flooring Stain My Floors?

When we meet with you to go over your vision of what you want your floors to look like, we will bring samples of stains that can be applied to your existing floors. As professionals, we know that certain types of wood take stains better than others, and so we will share our suggestions with you.

In any refinishing project, NYC Flooring will begin by removing the old finish through an intense sanding process. This will also remove the existing stain, if there is one, and prepare the floor for a new color. We have found that staining bare wood for the first time produces the best results. Likewise, when we stain a darker color than the original stain, we see great results. NYC Flooring is able to accommodate most requests, including staining wood to a lighter shade than the original color. Staining your hardwood floors will typically add two business days to your project’s timeframe, depending on whether we use an oil or water-based stain.

What Does Polishing Entail?

The final polish is done in two steps. First, NYC Flooring will buff your floors with an industrial buffer, which will smooth out any scratches. Buffing prepares your hardwood floors for polishing and helps keep the polish from rubbing away in the near future. After buffing, we will apply a hardwood floor polish. Depending on the amount of foot traffic and type of hardwood, your floors should only need a new polish once a year.

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